Q. Do you have a Brick and Mortar location?

A. Tickle the Moon is an online eCommerce store. We have no immediate plans to open a physical location, but never say never! It could happen!

Q. Will you ship overseas?

A. Many of our items can be shipped to Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.
Some items we cannot ship overseas due to supplier restrictions, or ground shipping requirements. All of these products will be marked for USA only if that is the case. 

Q. What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

A. Oh no!! We're so sorry! We want you to be happy with all your purchases, but if something went wrong, please contact us right away at  https://ticklethem.myreturnscenter.com/ and let us make it right. Please check our Returns policy for further detail. We want you to come back, really!

Q. Can I cancel an order?

A. Once an order has been shipped from the supplier, we cannot cancel it. However, if it hasn't shipped, we may be able to cancel it before it does. Please email Help@Ticklethemoon.com with details and order # so we can assist!

Q. I need my purchase faster than 20 days. Can I upgrade shipping?

A. We are now working with many US based warehouses, so there is a good chance your product will ship faster. If coming from an overseas location, you may upgrade shipping, but the cost and time will vary according to the location of the supplier warehouse and the weight of the item. Please email Help@Ticklethemoon.com and we will be happy to get an estimate for you!

Q. Where did you get the name Tickle The Moon?

A. The name comes from a favorite poem written by a friend, about embracing change:

"The days grow short with Autumn’s tune.
Her breath will paint the leaves maroon.
Still we dance beside the setting sun,
And laugh as we tickle the moon."