We will ship to any USPS address in the United States, plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Domestic (USA) shipping is FREE on orders over $50.00. We charge a low flat rate of $9.95 for all orders under $50.00. 
International Shipping is FREE on orders over $75.00 US. We charge a flat fee of $14.95 US for all orders under $75.00. The buyer is solely responsible for customs fees, VATS, or import duty charges should they apply.

We source our products from US-based suppliers as well as suppliers in Italy, France, the UK, China, and others. Due to the various locations of the shipping warehouses, we request that you allow up to 20 days for delivery. You will receive a tracking number for your purchase as soon as it leaves the warehouse. If you do not receive your order by 20 days, please contact us at



We cannot ship certain self-defense items such as pepper spray or tasers to certain locations, particularly outside of the United States. We cannot ship certain types of batteries by air; they must be ground shipped. If the law permits us to ship to your state or country, you and you alone are responsible for any duties, licensing, permitting and use of the item according to the laws of your region. Please see our Terms of Use page for details.